1. When will I receive my item?

    Ideally you should receive your delivery in less than 7 working days. Given the exceptional times due to COVID-19 we might take longer than that, but we will keep you posted about the status of your delivery.

  2. How to return/exchange item?

    Our team is dedicated to deliver the best service to you. If unfortunately, you have to return or exchange the product, you can cancel it any point of time while it is in transit or within 15 days of you receiving the product at your delivery point. We will be charging you only the delivery charges and the product price will be refunded to you in full.

  3. Having problem with coupon code/voucher?

    In this case, please reach out to us at info@sabkasaman.com. If the coupon code is valid but not working, we will send the refund to you in your account.

  4. Size guide- What size to order?

    In case you are struggling with size related concerns, please use this guide to understand our product sizes better.

  5. Can I cancel/change my order?

    Yes, you can cancel your order anytime even within 15 days after its delivery. To change your order please cancel the existing order and order what you want and we will refund you the charged amount for your previous order.

  6. How to look up for my order?

    You can check the list of your orders in My Orders section in your account.

  7. Do you ship internationally?

    For now, we are shipping within India only but we will keep you informed as and when we increase our reach.

  8. Where do you get your item from?

    Normally we are trying to help smaller businesses to sustain and hence they can be small artisans or craftsmen in a village or street. For more details you can check the product description.

  9. What are your shipping options?

    We are working with multiple vendors as of now to improve our reach. Currently we are working with India Post, Blue Dart, DTDC and few others.

  10. How can I track my order?

    You can check the list of your orders in My Orders section in your account. In addition, it will also show the status of your orders.

  11. Are my payment details/data secure?

    Yes absolutely, we are dedicated to make our costumers experience impressive and secure.

  12. What are the shipping cost?

    They might vary depending on the product. For some items it can be free of cost as well.

  13. Why didn't I recieve my full order?

    We are sorry if there was any confusion in terms of expected delivery and actual delivery. We will recommend checking the product description or else write to us at info@sabkasaman.com.

  14. How do coupon code works?

    While making the payment you will see an option to apply coupon. You can type your code there and it should show you if it is valid or not. If it is valid it will show the discount accordingly.

  15. Can I replace my order over phone?

    We will recommend trying to cancel and reorder in such a situation. You can also write to us at info@sabkasaman.com.

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